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Alice Conner Malyszek 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a customized item?  

Simply fill out the message box on the right with your name and contact information.  Please include the DATE that you need the item, any color or description to help me understand what you are trying to achieve.  A follow up email with any photos or attachments is also helpful.  I will contact you to ensure that I understand your requirements.  I may send sketches.  I will also confirm the estimate.  Depending on the item, I will ask for 30% deposit.   Typically, custom glassware is $25 per but discounts are available for multiple items ordered.  (It depends on how detailed the request is and the glassware requested).  Hangers are $10 per but again, bulk discounts apply.  Prices also vary based on the details of the request.  Most of my items are not simply "initials" or one flower.  But if that is what you want, I can certainly do that and the items will cost less.  YOU are ordering it.  So I will work with YOU on price and style.  

Paintings are custom quoted


Why Etsy?  Etsy is very convenient for many people as they offer credit card payments as well as shipping options.  I leverage that convenience for my customers. 

What is a giclée print?  (Zhee-Clay) Giclée is a type of inkjet printing that is meant to produce a high quality print that will have a longer lifespan than a standard print.  The final piece must be archival quality which means the paper must also be special quality.  My prints are giclée.  They do cost more but will not fade over time, and hold color much better to the original artwork.  

How are your prints created? My prints are created in collaboration with a commercial photographer, Jason Langheine.  Jason is a fantastic artist and really captures the colors and vibrancy of the original painting.  Each print is high quality giclée (see FAQ) and will last for years.  Prints can be matted and framed to a standard frame.    tp://

Do you have free shipping?  I do offer coupon codes at times for discounts. Please sign up for my Facebook or Instagram. 

Do you sell at shows or Galleries? I do sell at shows and will post when I do.  Please sign up for my Facebook or Instagram so that you can keep up on where my work can be found

What media do you use for your paintings? I use a loose acrylic style for my paintings with a painting knife..  Details are finished with brushwork.  Many of the mixed media pieces are completed with resin.  

What shows have you exhibited your work?  Sugarloaf Arts and Crafts and York Arts Festival are two.  Gallery@227 in York PA was a recent show.  

What if I really do not like what I bought?  I will always work with you for your satisfaction.  Art is very personal and unique.  And the photos try to represent the art as best that I can.  I can always send you additional photos if you would like to show size and color (in a room setting for example).  Please ask..  Ultimately if you really do not like the purchase, you can return it.  But you will still have to pay shipping..

Do you ship gifts?  Yes.  I can ship to a 3rd party.  Just provide those instructions.  The Etsy site in particular has instructions for that.  I will enclose a gift tag if you would like. .

What type of organizations to you donate to?  I have donated to NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness, York County, Veteran's Suicide Prevention, Alzheimer's Association, 

Feel free to leave comments on Social Media or email me.  I would love to hear from you.  Have a young artist?  Send me their work.  and I'll post it!