Art Experiences by ACM          

Alice Conner Malyszek 

Who I am

I use my art to experience everyday things in a different way; to “see” in a different way.   Color and texture and movement awe me.

My technique begins with  a loose acrylic technique with knife and brush work to create unique details and depth.  My theme is nature in abstract and abstract realism. However, painting in realism is also part of my creative work and it is where my art began. Many of my paintings include resin and are mixed media, adding further depth and character to the piece.  You can also find me working in watercolor and other media as I love to explore and experiment. 


I am a mechanical engineer by education and the creativeness of technology and science has been at the core of my career. My career has involved innovation and invention as well as leading people; creating processes and products through manufacturing. New ideas, and the use of imagination has always been a part of my life and art and craftsmanship constantly calls to me.   As I come to a  point in my life of transitions, I am excited to study, mature and grow as an artist as well.  

My inspiration begins with my family and friends and it is their experiences and personalities that are most reflected in my body of work. They challenge me and encourage me-always.  I am blessed.

My goal is to share those joys with others through my art.



Gallery@227    Inspired by Nature      April 2019

One Race. One Heart.- Through Art  (Art Association of York)   Painting: Sisters  on display   August 2019

York Art Association Juried Art Show     November 2019    Paintings:  Envelop,   Dancing in the Rain, Searching

Parliamentary Art Gallery    September 2019  Painting: Envelop  

My Team

Greg M

CEO and Husband-  #1 Supporter

Lindsay C

Artist Collaborator & Marketing

Alison C.

Creative  Director & Inspiration

Nathan M.

IT Director

Nicole H

Marketing Director & Sidekick

John, Adam, Kelsey, Mary and E  Cheer Crew & Inspiration